AG TOLERIE Laser cladding expert

AG TOLERIE has a 6 axis tri-technology part cutting, welding and cladding laser machining center.

From small projects to large scale production runs

The front-runner in the field of laser cladding, AG Tolerie innovates with our one-of-a-kind tri-technology laser machining center which makes us a “must” partner for all industries in quest of excellence.

Innovation, Research and Development

Innovation has always been the key word in AG TOLERIE strategy to ensure we can always meet our customers’ demands and in this way carve out a unique position in our markets. As reliability and security requirements for plant become increasingly stringent and as regulations get tougher, innovation is ever more important.

Fields of

boiler making and sheet-metal working
innovationand R&D


Salon MIDEST 2013

We spoke about us

AG Tolerie has a machining center unique in Europe. A vision of the future.

AG Tolerie, experts in metal working, boiler making and industrial painting, recently invested in a new state-of-the-art machining center combining 3 technologies – cutting, welding and laser cladding. 
A prototype unique in Europe.


June 28/30

June 28-30, 2016. 
 The leading event for the global nuclear energy sector, in Paris Le Bourget, France.